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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  March 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> see what's happening this instant, from the raleigh eyewitness news center. abc 11 eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] heather: a terror attack in brussels. the islamic state taking -- we will check in with rdu just a minute. joel: first let's dig in with steve daniels with the latest developments. steve: the details have been coming into the breaking news center all afternoon long. nine americans have been injured
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ra have tightened security at airports and railway stations and other key areas. the french prime minister saying europe is at war. i have a surveillance picture. more information posted. authorities say this is an image from inside the brussels airport. two men are the suicide bombers. each of them is wearing a glove on the left hand. they may have been holding a detonator and there is a search for one of those men tonight in brussels across europe. joel: thank you. the attack in brussels put airports around the world on high alert.
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the airport has a policy of not commenting on terrorism events or security measures. we sent ed crump to the region's largest airport to speak with local travelers about concerns. tell us what you see there. ed: what i am seeing is certainly hard to say if it is increased security but security is very visible. just about everywhere you look here there is some sort of security. whether it is the same as yesterday we don't know. passengers say they appreciate the presence whether or not it is ramped up. one local traveler says although she will be cautious, she will not allow herself to be scared. >> it is trying to affect our
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today, how we are carefree about our freedom. this is a way to show you are not as scared. i refuse to buy into that. i can't let them scare me. or doing my every day life. if i don't travel what is the next thing i am not going to do? ed: many travelers are traveling internationally. coming up you will hear from one carry family traveling to year up. anchor: thank you. heather: a family is now living in brussels and sharing their terrifying experience today. the couple now says they feel for their daughter and for travel security across europe.
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apex for work. today the terror attacks are forcing these parents to teach their girls a serious lesson. >> all i have been thinking about is how do i explain this to the children? reporter: they are feeling what any parent would. three years ago they move from apex to for what would be a priceless experience for their daughters. this hits too close to home. >> it is othey are there right now. but it is scary. >> to say it is not dangerous here would be not telling the truth. reporter: james travels frequently for work.
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>> he could have beewe're just waiting to see. reporter: while both took to social media, this tragedy has left them considering moving back to the state sooner than planned. >> i want to go home. reporter: they hope the terratec leads to tighter security at airports around europe and that many more people will be vigilant. more coming up on eyewitnesses news. heather: we talked more locals with family members in brussels. see how the news joel: change their day in an instant. a college campus shutdown after four students were killed in a car crash in front of the campus today. we are learning more about the
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terrible and unthinkable crash. andrea blanton for is on the scene. you have updates on what is being done to comfort the families. andrea: that is right. classes were canceled to give students time to properly grieve. the president of wesleyan is traveling to the hometowns of each of the young women killed here last night as they were trying to come back to their dorms on campus. she was driving last night, her three friends had just finished dinner and were on their way back to their dorms when their car and another collided. friends and family say scott, robin barnes, and denise's
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all but barnes part of the choir. students were hoping it wasn't wesleyan students involved. >> when we found out it was it was devastating. it was for young ladies. i just saw these girls not even three hours ago. >> police have not released details of what led up to this crash or the name of the other driver involved only saying the person was taken to unc hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. joel: just awful news out of wesleyan today. let's talk about the weather. i walked to work today. i said this is more like it.
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chris: we started a and 32 this morning. we will show you the lows coming up. and nice recovery temperature wise. sunny skies. a gorgeous day. temperatures have rebounded into the 60's. low 60's north, mid and upper 60's to the south. it won't bs chilly as last evening. 57 midnight. we stay above freezing. the warming trend continues tomorrow. we tell you when they get close to 80. that is coming up in a little bit. anchor: definitely more like it. heather: how sweet it is.
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reporter: margaret spelling tourist carolina. the backlash the visit brought. heather: live outside here in downtown raleigh on fayetteville street. 66 degrees. feeling more like spring. the good news is we are looking forward to warme barbara: taking center stage at
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john: we are on top ofheather: students protesting the new unc system president. the latest demonstration came just before a meeting with students. elaina athans is live for us. what did she share with you? elaina athans: this is a start up for students. they can come here and work on projects. i will take you over here. you can see the things they are working on. some of the projects students are working on. she met with students. she saw the products they are working on.
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in this new position. she says the university system is a work in progress and understands tuition needs to be more financially acceptable. she talked about exploring options to give undocumented students tuition. >> staff and faculty pay is cleanliness. we're at a tipping point to remain competitive. we need to invest in great people. reporter: this is her first visit at a carolina campus in the triangle. it was met with a great deal of opposition. demonstrators gratis rapid door before she walked in the facility. hear from them and why they are
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after a treatment for a rare and aggressive treatment. he served for a decade before he is dead at the edge of 46 years old. heather: president obama addressed the cuban people as part of his three-day trip, the first time a u.s. president has visited the island nation and 88 years. >> i have come here to bury the last remnants of the cold war in
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we need to recognize how much we share. weeven as we share the same blood. anchor: he is meeting with dissident leaders at the u.s. embassy before taking in baseball. the tampa bay rays face-off and an exhibition game. the president moves on to argentina. joel: the duel for delegates hit the rocky mountains and the desert today. it is a off in those two states as well. with a lead in the delegate race, trump is favored nationally. a cnn poll out last night showed 47 percent of republicans across the country support donald trump
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we saw the duke blue devils heading off to anaheim. the carolina tar heels preparing for the sweet 16. anchor: mark armstrong is live where coach roy williams wise. anchor: we heard from several players. this team has looked incredibly uncertain. let's show you the second half highlights. they are exuding confidence, all the fun they are having. they have full confidence in
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>> this was the least appreciated, doggone good team i've had. maybe that is it. we are a good basketball team. that is part of the game. you just have to keep playing. anchor: he finishes press conference will left the room then came back to make one more joke. his tar heel team is playing like it as well. we will send it back to you. joel: thank you. pretty good basketball team. good weather as well.
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chris: the first couple weeks of march, very warm. near record levels. a big cool down as you mentioned. now we are back on track. amateurs getting back to where they should be. friday morning, some showers. there will be moisture coming our way late thursday night. it may be wet on your morning commute. it is going check out these frosty lows. 32. rocky mount wilson airport at 29. nowhere near the record of 22. cold and frosty. a beautiful day. temperatures in the mid and upper 60's. rdu at 66. 67 in fayetteville.
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60, 70 in kansas city. the temperature pattern is coming our way. nothing but sunshine. pretty quiet still across the country. our next rainmaker, there are snow showers. look at the thread of active weather tomorrow. a severe risk in southern missouri into texas. the colder air across the midwest and the plane states, some areas around the twin cities could pick up a foot of snow. when that system gets here ill will be a much weaker state. overnight lows, lower 40's. mostly clear skies. not nearly as chile as last night.
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a bit breezy. temperatures in the low and mid 70's. 76 raleigh. dermot 75. gusty wind. some gusts up to 20 425. towards the virginia border, high-pressure moves away. lots of sunshine. close to 80 a few clouds. there is the front that will bring showers into thursday night. this is midnight friday. as you head out early friday morning it may be a bit wet. it should be out of here by midday. 79 on thursday. some showers. it looks great saturday. we are keeping easter sunday drive but there may be some rain
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temperatures back to the 60's. for now it looks like a decent easter weekend. joel: looks good for now. still ahead. opioid addiction. the warnings the the fda just announce. heather: and the goal of giving 100,000 women for the latest postpartum depression study. reporter: we hear from a woman
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anchor: like our page. get notifications for the latest eyewitness news updates. joel: home sales slump in february. the national association of realtors reported sales existing at homes fell 7% to a seasonably adjusted annual rate of 5 million. the decline follows robust sales of $5 million in january and december. as the housing market enters, that drives prices up.
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from parse -- postpartum depression you will be interested in a new study taking place. the largest study of disorders led by researchers at the unc school of medicine. they want to figure out what causes the disorders and why some women experience them when others don't. scientists will use a new free iphone app women can use to take part. an announcement from the food and drug administration. the agency will require warning labels for opioid prescription medication. able warn about serious risks of misuse, addiction, overdose and death. a black box warning, the most severe warning there is will be required. more than 40 americans die each
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joel: big fashion news, giorgio armani has agreed to stop using for for all of its products. a big move after use of lobbying by animal rights activists. they said new technologies render the use of cruel practices unnecessary in regards to animals. they will be for free beginning with its 2016 autumn winter collection. they join hugo boss, calvin klein and ralph lauren in switching to synthetic alternatives. still ahead, residents may hear a series of booms. what it is all about and why you don't have to worry about it. heather: and how the blasts in belgium are heading home for people in the triangle. people in wake county scramble this morning to get in touch
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how they are reacting to the terror attack.
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restaurant made their fijoel:responsibility for two explosions. a raleigh man witnessed it all. federal police have shared pictures of aer of dead is now 30. nine americans were injured in the blast. heather: belgian families spent
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loved ones in brussels at the time of the attack. a somber morning at the belgium cafe as word of the terror attacks spread. employees cap to busy but with cell phones close by. >> it was a shock. we are of curse -- we are of course worried. >> basement the morning trying to reach family in brussels, including two children. >> i could have contact with my daughter 20 minutes er two explosions rocked the heart of the city. now they are just
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>> i think god for everybody. i feel sad for belgium and for the world. reporter: the restaurant sent out this tweet saying the belgium cafe would like to extend thoughts to all affected by the attacks. please continue to pray for our family and friends. a programming note. world news will be expanded to one hour tonight from 6:30 to 7:30. jeopardy fans will air that episode at 1:00 a.m.. joel: we are getting our first look at the teenagers police say used a fayetteville mcdonald's for a craigslist sale and end up being shot when they tried to rob the buyer. these teenagers just appeared before a judge.
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reporter: as we said this was definitely a craigslist deal gone bad. to of the defendants were wounded in the shootout. one of them appear before the judge in a wheelchair. the other appeared in a sling. all three teenagers are seen here charged in yesterday shooting. police say the trio was supposed to sell to cell phones to another guy but instead when one of the teenagers pulled a gun to rob the man he pulled his own weapon and fired, wounding the alleged robbers. police say no customers or employees were hurt. dustin tippit, one of the three teenager was not wounded.
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$250,000. he fought back tears along with his family as the judge raised his bond to a quarter million dollars. and then harrington was brought in in a wheelchair. they all face the same felony charges. robbery with a dangerous weapon. possessing stolen goods. harrington's parents left the courtroom with no comment. >> based on the allegations, the danger they pose the community, they are suspects in another robbery. we felt an increase in bond was appropriate. reporter: police have identified the victim as darius.
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coming up, we will tell you where there are craigslist safe sounds where buyers and sellers can get together in fayetteville tonight at 5:30. anchor: all right. we are working to learn the name of the person killed this morning north of zebulun on highway 96 at fowler road. a delivery truck collided with a smaller vehicle. there are multiple injuries. highway patrol is investigating. man accused of shooting an officer in the county jail refused our request for an interview but we caught up with him in court. the officer took the cup soft with and he grabbed for a gun.
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>> he looked away from cameras as he entered court this morning. this is the second time he heard the charges against him. he is here because of the scuffle in a booking area of jail after his arrest on a peeping charge. the victim told the dispatcher. >> i don't know if he is still here but i know who it is. >> it has probably been 20 minutes. reporter: investigators won't release video because it is part of the investigation but mcmillan was armed and the booking area and try to grab a pistol from his waistband. he wrestled for control of the gun when it fired. the bullet grazed the officers
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his bond is said that $505,000. he will not get a court appointed lawyer. he must hire his own lawyer or represent himself. reporting from the durham county jail, anthony wilson eyewitness news. joel: thank you. one day after harnett county sheriff larry rollins abruptly announced his retirement for personal reasons, he the man appointed to finish out his term was sworn in. he shared with us his feelings ceremony. looking forward to my whole
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reporter: what is still unclear about his resignation is does it have anything to do with a deputy involved shooting in november? a deputy shot and killed livingston after he refused to allow deputies to search his home with no warrant. deputies have the wrong house and the wrong man. anchor: a beautiful day after a chilly start with frosty conditions. temperatures got to near normal in the mid-60's. skies will be mostly clear. temperatures will fall. you may want to grab a light jacket if you're going to be out and about. 67 fayetteville. beautiful tuesday afternoon. not nearly as cold. mid-40's at 8:00. mid-60's by the noon hour.
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upper 70's around fayetteville. a beautiful wednesday. a bit breezy. that will increase the fire danger. you want to watch out for that. 79 on thursday. showers early friday. a nice saturday for easter weekend. liz horton is standing by. >> the cherry blossom trees are expected to balloon to peak over the next two days and now we are getting beautiful pictures posted on social media. reporter: this picture tweeted out shows a flower filled branch
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the>> to mature as will be warming to the trees to remain five brent. -- vibrant. reporter: things are beginning to bloom. we have a look at what that will do to your allergies and have tips to help keep sneezing at bay. heather: we will need those tips. a warning to pass along for weight force residence. you may soon hear a lot of construction noise. blasting and excavation is expected to start this weekend and may continue for the next two weeks as part of the richland creek sewer interceptor project. he will listen for a a few
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a series of longhorn blast's, one minute warning, and the all clear signal will sound. it should be finished in april. joel: a loud couple of weeks in weight force. the former nfl star headed to prison. the question is for how long after a judge accepted his plea deal. heather: what a first impression. the place he was interviewing at suddenly was robbed. joel: a mom accused of making her own son sick. the punishment that followed. first, a live look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. the cold weather from overnight.
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it only gets warmer fromheather: two young boys died in a house fire in oklahoma city. four people were at home at the time. the mother of the children were able to get their grandmother out safely with a mom went back into find her kids. the heat from the fire stopped her. they rushed in to rescue the kids. they found their bodies in a bathroom on the other side of the house. authorities are investigating
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joel: a mother is headed to jail for 180 days after being accused of putting benadryl into her four-year-old son's feeding tube while he was being treated. the motive is unclear but the boy does have a rare disease that causes skin blisters. a former nfl star could spend 20 years in prison after a judge accepted his plea deal. he's accused of drugging and raping women in four states. his sentencing is set for june 16. heather: a billionaire breakup. tallulah river lee has filed for divorce from the elon musk.
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unauthorized baggage in a flight attendants bag. joel: and wasted food in and families starving. how starbucks plans to feed millions. heather: bees get evicted. get ready to see the huge hive. back outside, everyone is getting off work. some people don't have jackets. 66 there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are.
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the world is a big, beautiful place filled with adventure. take it in. come up for air. asheville.
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anchor: the only station with three newsrooms in downtown raleigh, downtown durham, downtown fayetteville. eyewitness news continues. joel: now for a check on first alert traffic. here is a live look at interstate 40. as you can see it is smooth sailing. the only problem is possible sun glarethe plot was foiled after she was randomly selected for screening.
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administration tells us her luggage was searched. they found 66 pounds of cocaine in her carry-on bag. we have not been told what airline she worked for. heather: the supreme court rules in favor of tyson foods employees. they challenged the company overpay, upset they were not being paid for time spent putting on and taking off protective workload and equipment. the justices ruled for the employees. 80,000 honeybees evicted, unwanted residence of a gated community. one of the workers was mowing a yard and came across the bees which caused commotion. there were a lot more than they thought. >> all of them are at home this
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quite a few in there. heather: the bees have been living there for at least a year and a half. they will vacuum the bees into a box and then take apart the high. joel: starbucks wants to use food to feed hungry americans. they will use leftovers from 7000 locations and donate it. they are planning to give out 5 million meals this year including breakfast sandwiches and salads. 30-40% of america's food supply goes to waste. heather: we are staying on top of the developments in brussels. steve daniels is tracking the
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steve:for a man spot on surveillance video the brussels airport. and we take you live to cuba, president obama wrapping up his visit with a little baseball and important speech to the cuban people. we have the latest on that. and a pretty nice afternoon. 66 degrees. we are looking to the warm-up. chris: we ran the 50's yesterday. 60's today. i will try you how long the trend lasts and when we see rain coming our way at 5:00. steve: we will have the news at 5:00 in a few minutes for you. heather: here is one way to make a good impression on a potential employer. jump in to stop a robbery. joel: an 18-year-old did just that as he was sitting down for
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a cashier started screaming as a thief started stealing money from her register. things turn to chaos. >> feeling thing i remember is him putting his hands behind his back. i just got up and did it. joel: devon says he saw a woman in need and thought that could be someone's mother. he kept the suspect in an arm lock until police arrived and it is no secret, he got the job. heather: that's the guy you want on your team. a war veterans remains found after six decades. joel: a househunting trip puts home buyers in danger. what is keeping them out of one north carolina neighborhood today. how about a live look outside. this is a live picture from the beach.
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joel:. they grab the money from the couple and took off. police spent two hours trying to talk the suspect out of his home. his wife was standing in the way. he was eventually arrested. heather: the means of a korean war veteran identified and his body is heading back to the
4:57 pm
he's been missing for 65 years. he was taken as a prisoner of war and went missing in action. his remains were never located until now giving his family closure after all this time. he served as a medic in the korean war. a tribute service is set to take place friday. joel: the sentencing phase of the antwaun anthony capital murder trial started this morning with testimony from the victim's brother. anthony was convicted of killing three convenient store workers four years ago outside of farmville. this is a death penalty case. heather: and a reminder about the special session to override charlottes nondiscrimination ordinance, the use of bathrooms by transgender people. they can pick the bathroom of their choice. the general assembly is scheduled to meet.
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and provide live coverage. join our news team by sending pictures. joel: coverage in brussels continue now at 5:00. steve: terror attack in brussels. a series of explosions rocking the capital of belgium. dozens dead. nine americans among the wounded. >> claiming responsibility. isis says it is behind the attack. the frantic search for the suspects. the investigation going worldwide. >> in the middle of the chaos -- a triangle family living in brussels frightened but ok. one explosion near their daughter school. tisha: we begin with breaking
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fast-moving developments all day. steve: chaos at the airport in brussels as explosions rocked the airport and metro system. isis taking responsibility. two bombs detonated inside the terminal building including a suitcase bomb. a third explosion in the subway system. abc news is reporting 34 people are dead. 180 injured. authorities are releasing photos of three possible suspects. amanda is now underway with raids to find more people connected to the terrorist cell. we begin with elizabeth her. reporter: police on rooftops and soldiers on the ground hunting for terrorists. these images show brussels at its highest state of alert.
5:00 pm
discovered a third bomb at the airport which did not go off. police confirmed they are searching for the man on the right, identifying him as a suspect. >> many people panicked. somebody people cried. >> everyone ran. reporter: hundreds of passengers ran for their lives after two explosions ripped through the airport. then in a subway station, these attacks coming just days after the arrest of a major suspect in the paris terror attack. >> we all stuck together with our allies on this dark day. reporter: streets of brussels are now covered with messages of hope and prayers for the victims including three americans from utah recovering from their injuries. president obama they'll into condemn the attack from havana.


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